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As of 01 January 2021, there will be an entitlement to paternity leave in Switzerland. Working fathers can take 2 weeks of paid paternity leave within 6 months of the birth of their child.

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Maternity and Family

Family is important to people in Valais – and not just emotionally. The canton of Valais leads the way in supporting young families and is one of the cantons that pays the highest family allowances. 

Family allowances

People who have children are financially supported with family allowances. These are paid for children up to the age of 16 as child allowances and for young people in training up to the age of 25 as training allowances. In the case of employees, family allowances are either paid monthly with the salary or transferred directly from the Compensation Office. In addition, the Canton of Valais pays a one-off birth allowance of CHF 2,000.

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Compensation Office, Canton of Valais /
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Brochure: Family allowances, AHV (German)


Maternity compensation

Maternity compensation is available to women who have paid mandatory insurance in compliance with the AHV Act for at least nine months immediately before the birth of the child, and who were gainfully employed during five of the nine months preceding the birth (gainful employment in an EU country is taken into account). 80% of the income is paid out over 14 weeks, up to a maximum of CHF 196 per day.

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Brochure: Maternity benefit, AHV (German)