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People who do not belong to a recognised religious community can reclaim the share of their tax set aside for church use.

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Religious education in schools teaches students about major world religions and their histories. It is not about imparting religious doctrine.


In the name of the Father
Valais is traditionally Catholic. The Roman Catholic Church and the Swiss Reformed Church are recognised as public institutions.

There is a Catholic church in every municipality. Protestant churches, mosques and other places of worship are more commonly found in cities (Brig-Glis, Visp, Sierre, Sion, Martigny, St-Maurice, Monthey). In Valais, unlike most Swiss cantons, the municipalities are responsible for covering church-related expenses. Only three municipalities (Törbel, Sion and Saxon) levy a direct church tax, while in the rest of the canton, parish deficits are covered by the municipal tax budget. Religion is not only a fixed part of the tax bill, it also shapes the canton’s customs and calendar of events. Bank holidays usually coincide with important Catholic festivals.

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