Holidays with tradition
Swiss National Day on 1 August is the only federal holiday. According to the Federal Constitution, it is regarded as equivalent to a Sunday. All other legally recognised public holidays are the responsibility of individual cantons. According to Swiss federal employment law, the cantons may treat a maximum of eight other public holidays as equivalent to a Sunday.

Valais takes full advantage of this. The canton’s public holidays reflect Catholic tradition.

01 January

New Year's Day

19 March

St. Joseph's Day

40 days after Easter (Thursday)

Ascension Day

10 days after Whitsun (Thursday)

Corpus Christi

01 August

Swiss National Day

15 August

Assumption Day

01 November

All Saints' Day

08 December

Immaculate Conception

25 December

Christmas Day

Although days before or after the major Christian holidays such as Good Friday, Easter Monday and Whit Monday as well as Boxing Day are not official holidays in Valais, they can be granted as days off by individual employers.