Culinary art

Pure passion and delight
When both the wine and the food are perfectly suited to the occasion, you know you are in the heart of culinary Valais.

Valais is a wine country: just under half of all Swiss wines come from our sun-drenched canton, including the Pinot noir of Salgesch, the Cornalin of Lens (Vaas), the Petite Arvine of Fully or the Amigne of Vétroz to name just a few. With an abundance of traditional local specialities, the Valaisans surprise even the most discerning palates time and again. And when the food is as delicious as the wine, you know you’ve well and truly arrived in culinary Valais. There’s plenty to get excited about, including creamy raclette, delicious dried meat with hearty rye bread, and rich risotto with Mund saffron, not to mention regional delicacies such as Gommer Cholera, the Salée from Val d'Illiez, the Flon from Savièse, the Galreyarde from Sierre or the Perch fillets from the Leman lake region. A number of products carry the protected designation of origin label, offering an authentic taste of Valais. Valais’s gastronomy and the work of its top chefs are a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds. So cheers – and bon appétit!

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