In the region

The market as a meeting place
There are many reasons to do your shopping at a market: the local colour, the quality of the goods, the hustle and bustle and the friendly atmosphere. Regional markets offer lots of opportunities to discover new things and shop at a relaxed pace.

Weekly markets

Farmer's market, Visp Friday
Farmer's market , Brig Saturday
Weekly market, Siders Tuesday
Old twon market, Sitten Friday
Markets, Thun Saturday, Wednesday
Weekly market, Domodossola                                         Saturday

Special markets

Easter market, Brig May
Farmer's market, Turtmann September
"Martini" market, Visp November
Saint Catherine market, Siders November
"Onion" market (Zibelemärit), Bern November
Gommer advent markett, Fiesch November
Natischer advent market, Naters November
"Bacon" market, Martinach December
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