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If you buy your ticket online or via your mobile phone, you should keep an eye out for supersaver tickets. Just search for your desired route and travel time and you’ll be able to see whether supersaver tickets at a discount of up to 70% are available for the service in question.

SBB supersaver tickets

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Valais even has its own airport in Sion. It operates in-season flights to and from London, Zurich, Mallorca and Porto. The journey from Sion bus station to the “Sion, Aéroport” stop at the airport takes less than 10 minutes.

Airport Sion

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If you would like to travel on public transport with children between the ages of 6 and 16, you can buy a personal Children’s Co-travelcard for CHF 30, valid for one year. The card makes it possible to go on inexpensive day trips in Switzerland, even when your young relatives are visiting.

SBB Junior travelcard

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The SBB is now offering a Saver Day Pass for customers who book at least 60 days in advance. The sooner you buy your Saver Day Pass online or via your mobile phone, the lower the price will be (from CHF 29 with a Half Fare Travelcard and from CHF 52 without a Half Fare Travelcard).

SBB Saver Day Pass


On the road on two wheels
You do not need to pass a test or have a special permit to ride a bicycle in Switzerland. In general, cyclists must observe the same traffic rules as motorists. If special bicycle lanes or tracks are available, they must be used. The bike must be roadworthy (two good brakes; a bell; front, rear and pedal reflectors; front and rear lights). There is no obligation to wear a helmet, but it is recommended you do so. Cyclists should in any case take out personal liability insurance, as they are liable for any damage they cause to persons or objects.

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Bicycle transport

If you want to take a bicycle with you on the train or bus, you need a special ticket. It is not always possible to take a bicycle with you. In some cases, you will need to reserve a space for it on the train.

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