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Within a radius of maximum 5 hours

Treasure hunt Valais’s family destinations have created specially laid out paths packed with exciting puzzles and tricky tasks for guests both young and old.
Children's snow playgrounds Valais’s snow playgrounds for children are ideal places for youngsters of all ages, allowing them to romp around in the snow and gain their first taste of winter sports.
Bisses A host of trails along the bisse irrigation canals offer varied hikes on historic paths.
Rope parks Built into the beautiful landscape, rope parks offer exciting and varied courses for all ages and abilities.
Sledging Fast-paced, secured trails wind their way for kilometres through the unspoilt winter landscape.
Dog Sledding Dog sledding is a winter experience that will delight everyone from kids to grandparents: the sled glides smoothly behind the huskies as they draw you through the snowy landscape.
Mountain carts, Riederalp The mountain cart – a cross between a go-kart and a sledge – is the perfect vehicle for mastering the terrain.
Alpine garden, Aletsch Arena Visit a very special garden featuring more than 200 plant species indigenous to the Aletsch area, as well as a variety of habitats including mountain meadows, rocky outcrops, dwarf shrub heath and megaphorb.

Chinderwält Visperterminen 

Children can discover completely new worlds in these playhouses in Visperterminen.
Ravensburger games trail, Grächen Scattered across the hiking area around Grächen are six games cabins and seven activity stations.
Baking rye bread, Grächen From grain to bread: the bread is first kneaded in the open air according to grandmother’s recipe, then baked in a wood-fired oven.
Brandalp-Scooter, Unterbäch The Brandalp scooters are available at the top station of the Unterbäch-Brandalp chairlift. The route runs for five fast-paced kilometres down the tarmac road from Brandalp to the village.
Zoo und swimming pool, Les Marecottes Discover alpine fauna including deer, marmots, foxes and black bears in their natural environment over an area of 35,000m2.
Aquaparc, Le Bouveret The Aquaparc water park offers fun for the whole family in five different adventure zones.
Western City, Martigny The Western City park covers an area of 10,000m² and comprises a total of 70 challenges in the five adventure zones.
Barryland, Martigny This lively museum is a meeting place that brings people together with the St Bernards of the Great St. Bernard Pass.
Japanese gardens, Nendaz At the top of a glacial moraine, hikers can enjoy the Japanese Garden, which naturally resembles a landscaped garden.
Mittelallalin Ice Pavilion, Saas-Fee A 70-metre-long tunnel leads from the mountain station of the “Metro-Alpin” funicular railway directly into a 5,000m² ice grotto in the mysterious interior of the millennial Fee Glacier.
Glacier Trail , Saas-Fee The trail combines scientific insights with a hike through a landscape shaped by glaciers.
Bobsled run, Saas-Fee Take a one- or two-person ride on the steepest of bobsled lifts up to one of the highest roller-coaster bobsled runs in the Alps. A pure adrenaline rush!
Escape room, Zermatt The Zermatt Escape Rooms are perfect for friends who want to have an exciting evening or escape a rainy day.
Glacier palace, Zermatt Two passenger lifts take you from the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise station up to the icy, mystical world of the lofty Glacier Palace.
Ricola herb garden, Zermatt The Ricola herb garden near the hamlet of Blatten is an entertaining and educational experience for the whole family.
Matterhorn museum, Zermatt Here, you can immerse yourself in the mountain world of yesteryear and see how the inhabitants of Zermatt lived in the 19th century.
World Nature Forum, Naters On 22 September 2016, the World Nature Forum (WNF) was opened in Naters as a unique visitor, study and congress centre for this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Children's-geocaching, Bürchen A fun hobby in which you use satellite navigation on a treasure hunt. GPS devices can be borrowed for free from the tourist office.
«Gsteinät» recreation park, Lötschental The “Gsteinät” recreation park in Wiler offers a breath of fresh air for you and your family: you can practise sports such as football, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, basketball and mini golf.
Labyrinth aventure, Evionnaz Thousands of Thujen trees line the three-kilometre-long maze where mysterious treasures and games are hidden. An amazing playground awaits at the end.
Swiss Vapeur Parc, Le Bouveret

At the Swiss Vapeur Parc, miniature steam trains on a scale of 1:4 travel through a 17,000m2 park complete with model buildings.

Castle Chillon, Veytaux Switzerland’s most visited historic building is located on a rocky island on the shores of Lake Geneva.
Chaplin’s World, Corsier sur Vevey A museum for laughing, learning and having fun in the universe of Charlie Chaplin
Olympic Museum, Lausanne The history of the Olympic Games from antiquity to modern times can be traced at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.
Champ-Pittet, Yverdon-les-Bains The Champ-Pittet Pro Natura Centre is located in the southern part of the Grande Cariçaie, the largest lakeshore wetland in Switzerland.
Papiliorama and Nocturama, Kerzers The tropical gardens of Papiliorama and Nocturama in Kerzers are home to plants and animals from the tropics.
Weissenstein, Oberdorf Solothurn’s local mountain, situated on the first and highest chain of the Jura mountains, offers an impressive view and attractions including the Nidlenloch cave system.
Basel Zoo Opened in 1874, Basel Zoo is affectionately called “Zolli” and is home to a large number of native and exotic animals.
Zoo & Masoala Regenwald, Zurich Located on the Zürichberg mountain, the zoo is home to 350 animal species in natural habitats.
Museum of transport, Lucerne The most-visited museum in Switzerland shows the past, present and future of mobility in an exciting and varied way.
Animal parc Dählhölzli, Bern A petting zoo and a large playground make the Dählhölzli an ideal family excursion destination.
Ballenberg open-air museum, Hofstetten Ballenberg’s open-air museum is home to 109 original historical buildings from all parts of Switzerland, as well as native farm animals, typical gardens and fields.
St. Beatus caves, Sundlauenen A wondrous world of caves with a fabulous past near Lake Thun.
Lake Blausee, Kandergrund A small blue lake in the middle of a romantic nature park, surrounded by barbecue areas, picnic spots and a children’s playground.
Monte Tamaro, Rivera-Monteceneri An unrivalled natural playground, Ticino’s mountain with a panoramic view is home to Mario Botta’s Santa Maria degli Angeli chapel.
Swissminiatur, Melide At Swissminiatur you can visit Switzerland’s most famous and archetypal monuments and places – built to a scale of 1:25.
Isola Bella, Lago Maggiore Isola Bella was considered a wonder of the world during the 18th century, and still makes for a varied family excursion today.
Europapark The famous leisure and amusement park in Rust, Germany, is less than four hours from Visp.
Gardaland Italy’s largest theme park on Lake Garda is less than four hours from Visp.
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