Emergency services

Emergency Medical Centre

In Visp, it is possible to consult with the Emergency Medical Centre (Hausärztliche Notfallpraxis – HANOW). Illnesses and other incidents that can be dealt with in a GP practice are treated here on weekdays from 5.30pm–10.00pm and on weekends and holidays from 9.00am–10.00pm. Patients are treated on a first come first served basis. The HANOW is located at Visp Hospital and is directly adjacent to the emergency ward. The two departments remain in constant contact.

Emergency contact numbers

The following telephone numbers can be used throughout Switzerland to call the cantonal and regional rescue services. They can also be used free of charge on mobile phones, directly and without the dialling code (+41).

(+41) 144 Medical emergencies, ambulance, emergencies
(+41) 0900 144 033 Emergency Medical Centre (CHF 0.50/call + CHF 2.00/min., capped at CHF 30.50)
(+41) 0900 144 027 Paediatrician emergency service (CHF 0.50/call + CHF 2.00/min., capped at CHF 30.50)
(+41) 117 Police
(+41) 118 Fire brigade
(+41) 145 Poisoning information hotline
(+41) 143 Die dargebotene Hand (crisis hotline)
(+41) 147 Telephone counselling for children and young people
(+41) 27 604 33 33 Haut-Valais Psychiatric Emergencies
(+41) 800 012 210 Valais romand Psychiatric Emergencies
Current information about emerency services / www.rro.ch
Emergency Visp / www.hopitalduvalais.ch


Rescue Card

Air Zermatt offers a Rescue Card for an annual fee of between CHF 35 (for individuals) and CHF 80 (for families). The annual contribution ensures patrons are well covered in emergencies: Air Zermatt bears the costs for ambulance, helicopter and assistance services for its members in cases where health insurance providers, accident insurance companies and other third parties liable to pay benefits do not pay for them, or only partially pay them.

Rescue Card Air Zermatt / www.air-zermatt.ch