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When you first bring goods across the border, you must state whether subsequent consignments are planned. This is the case, for example, when the removal company is transporting your household effects and you are making the journey in your car.


All packed? Then we’re good to go
Although moving always requires a certain amount of effort, you can simplify things a lot with the right preparation. Check if your employer offers support for a work-related move and ask them to recommend removal companies with experience in removals to Switzerland. Many removal companies will not only safely transport your household goods, they’ll also take care of customs clearance..

In principle, if you move to Switzerland, you can take your household effects, collections, pets and car with you duty-free. Any items you bring must have been in use for six months before the move, and you must continue to use them afterwards. For documentation purposes, an inventory list must be drawn up including an estimate of the weight and value of the goods to be moved

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