Support for parents

Networking and education
Raising children is one of the most demanding tasks a parent can face. There is no training to prepare you for it, which is why it is important to talk to other parents and experts. The municipalities provide information on activities where parents are invited to exchange ideas. There are a number of Catholic women’s and mothers’ groups and men’s associations. There are also lots of crèche clubs for infants as well as parent-child gymnastics (including mother-child, father-child and parent-child variants) for preschool children.

Strength through parenting

The Cantonal Youth Office (Kantonale Dienststelle für die Jugend – KDJ) wants to use its preventive “Strength through Parenting” campaign to tackle potential difficulties and their consequences. Parents are informed about existing counselling and training opportunities and are given help to strengthen their parenting skills.

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Information and advice

If you have any questions or difficulties, various advice centres can help ease the burden. The Upper Valais Social Medical Centre (Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Oberwallis – SMZO) provides advice for mothers and fathers and serves as a contact point for parents of infants and young children up to four years of age. Its specialists offer guidance on all questions relating to care, nutrition, development, parenting and psychosocial issues.

The Centre for Development and Therapy (Zentrum für Entwicklung und Therapie – ZET) is available to parents, children and young people up to the age of 20 for help with psychological, social, motor and/or linguistic development, as well as education and parenting. It offers speech therapy, child and adolescent psychiatry, psychological support for stressful situations, hyperactivity, difficulties at school, etc. Parents can contact the ZET directly, and schools and day care centres can also provide information about the centre’s services.

Parents can also seek expert advice at the Elternnotruf counselling association and at the children’s charity Pro Juventute, either by phone or email.

  • Parent emergency call (Elternnotruf) +41 (0)848 35 45 55 (Landline rates apply)
  • Pro Juventute +41(0)58 261 61 61(Landline rates apply)
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