If you have pets, there are a number of rules to follow. For example, some flats do not allow you to keep certain animals, and dog owners must pay a dog tax to the municipality.

Keeping pets

If you live in a rented flat, you can keep small animals such as guinea pigs, hamsters, canaries or fish. However, keeping larger animals may be prohibited in the rental contract. The landlord can also prohibit you from keeping noisy or dangerous animals. In addition, pet owners must comply with animal protection laws. Some animals (rabbits, for example) cannot be kept alone. There are also minimum requirements for cage size and equipment. Some animals may not be imported into Switzerland at all. Others require a special permit from the Veterinary Office.

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Handling dogs

Dog owners must report to the municipality. When registering a dog, you must provide evidence including registration of the dog’s electronic chip to Amicus and the obligatory liability insurance policy. Since 1 January 2020, the training obligation for new dog owners has again been in force in Valais. The obligatory course attendance (with a minimum duration of 6 hours or 8 units of 45 minutes each) is carried out by instructors who are recognised by the Cynology Training Association of Switzerland. As a responsible dog owner, you commit to keeping and caring for your dog in an appropriate manner, and to taking all precautions necessary to protect humans and animals from aggression and dog bites. Dogs must be kept on a lead in towns and villages, as well as in certain public places including schools, playgrounds, sports facilities and on public transport. Dog excrement must also be picked up and disposed of in the appropriate facilities. The annual dog tax must be paid to the municipality, where you will also find detailed information about municipal rules on keeping a dog.

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