Valais is a unique natural playground and an oasis of relaxation and recreation for families. Here, we present five unmissable excursions in the region. Keen explorers can discover plenty more exciting places and offers!

Chinderwält Visperterminen

Children can discover completely new worlds in these playhouses in Visperterminen: whether it’s the Hall of Mirrors, the Labyrinth, the Sound Forest, the Spaceroom or the Flying Barn Dragon, these converted Valais barns impress with extraordinary play ideas. The playhouses are open from April to October on Wednesdays and Sundays in the afternoon.

Chinderwält Visperterminen / www.heidadorf.ch

Happyland Granges

An amusement park right on your doorstep? Happyland in Granges opens its doors to visitors from the end of March to the beginning of November. It offers a wide range of amusement attractions, especially for younger children.

Happyland Granges / www.happyland.ch

Suonen- und Sudelpark Unterbäch

It’s all about fun in the water at the Suonen- und Sudelpark in Unterbäch. What’s forbidden on the hiking trails along Valais’s bisse irrigation canals is actively encouraged here! Children can divert the water by hand and run it through wooden and stone canals, aqueducts and water wheels. They can cool off safely in the pools and splash about to their heart’s content. This amazing park and playground are located in the middle of the village of Unterbäch, near the church.

Suonen- und Sudelpark Unterbäch / www.unterbaech.ch

Zauberwald Ernen

In the magical forest near Ernen, children can play at various areas in the forest and have exciting adventures. The experience puts the spotlight on nature and allows children to discover the forest using all their senses. Red squirrel signs mark out the area where children can roam freely, while three barbecue areas invite you to stop for a while and relax.

Zauberwald Ernen / www.zauberwaldernen.ch

Barbecue areas

With a bit of planning, Valais’s barbecue areas offer the opportunity to cook your own food while you’re out discovering nature. You don’t need much to enjoy these grilling stations: just bring your own food, lighter and drinks and you can start barbecuing right away as you take a break with friends and family. The kids will enjoy sharpening sticks with a pocket knife and using them to toast campfire bread or cervelats – typical Swiss sausages – over the fire. Please take your rubbish with you so that others can enjoy the barbecue areas too. In case of a fire ban due to persistent dryness, it goes without saying that open fires are forbidden.

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