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The AMO’s taster course is a great way to get started, and includes three trial lessons over a month. Registrations for private lessons are usually valid for the entire school year, though please note that registration and cancellation deadlines apply.




What’s your idea of a family paradise? Being a stone’s throw away from complete relaxation? A wide range of things to do in your free time? Valais offers a host of leisure activities for kids of all ages.

Clubs for sports (and more)

The strong sense of cohesion and community among the people of Valais is reflected in its lively club culture. Countless clubs and associations offer children a wide range of activities in sports, art, theatre, folklore, culture and music.

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Music lessons

Playing music is not only fun, it sharpens the senses and brings us together. If you would like to learn a musical instrument, the Allgemeine Musikschule Oberwallis (AMO), l'EJMA (Ecole de Jazz et de Musique Actuelle) and the Conservatoire offer professional lessons. These include parent-child singing courses, music lessons for young children and private lessons for selected musical instruments.

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Summer holiday activities

The youth centres organise various projects that offer meaningful leisure activities for young people. A popular and proven project is the Holiday Pass, which is offered alternately by district. During the summer holidays, the pass offers children from years 3H to 8H various experiences in the region, such as visiting the fire brigade, mask carving in the Lötschental valley, and alpaca trekking.

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