Registration for compulsory school and childcare

Once school age has been reached, the necessary registration processes are ensured via the municipality of residence or the responsible school directorate. Anyone moving to the Valais with school-age children will receive a registration form from the school authority after registering in the municipality of residence where they live. You can register with your municipality of residence and school before moving to Valais. Newcomers will be contacted by the responsible school management at the appropriate time.

Parents are responsible for the early registration of their children for supplementary family care. As a rule, parents contact the independently organised childcare facilities directly. In individual cases the municipalities are responsible. Registration is effected usually for specific weekdays or modules on specific weekdays.

Waiting times for childcare places are often short - but they exist! Early registration is recommended. Individual weekdays are popular. Those who are flexible with regard to care days can usually organise themselves more easily. In general, there is no entitlement to a childcare place. Especially childcare places on 5 days per week are not always available and therefore have to be clarified early.

Overview and availability of childcare services /