Childcare in combination with compulsory schooling

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For children speaking foreign languages, the course "German for foreign speakers" is offered during compulsory school (1H-11H). The course is organized by the school.

Place of residence, school location and childcare

In Switzerland there is no free choice of school (apart from private schools). By law, therefore, the location of kindergarten and school is determined by the place of residence. When choosing your place of residence, pay attention to the range of school services offered as well as the family and school-related childcare options. Some day care centres are organised and financed by a cooperation of municipalities. For this reason, the location of the childcare facility for preschoolage children can also be outside the municipality of residence. On the other hand, childcare services for children of school age are restricted to the school location. The offers differ from municipality to municipality with regard to opening hours, costs and organisation. The range of services offered may not cover all age categories or days. The availability of childcare facilities should be taken into account when choosing a place of residence. 

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