Regional Development Programme WIWA

Valais is facing considerable economic growth, which increases the need for qualified professionals. Industry, trade and transport are particularly affected, but also health and social services. In order to cope with the economic growth, the RW Oberwallis AG, together with the Valais companies Lonza, Spitalzentrum Oberwallis, Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn and Scintilla, the municipalities (Visp, Brig-Glis, Naters, Netzwerk Oberwalliser Berggemeinden, Verein Region Oberwallis), the Valais Chamber of Tourism, Valais/Wallis Promotion and Economic Promotion Valais launched the WIWA project (Economic Growth in Valais) at the beginning of 2018.

It aims to activate the immigration of foreign professionals and create optimal conditions for living in Valais. Lower Valais is also experiencing significant economic growth, particularly in the service and industrial sectors, as well as in information technology, life sciences and innovation. Against this background, the experience gained from the WIWA project in the Upper Valais is now also being applied to the Lower Valais. With various measures in areas such as "recruitment", "childcare", "information", "regional marketing" or "integration", the immigration of foreign specialists is thus actively supported. WIWA comprises several sub-projects with currently almost 50 people involved. ARVr has launched a partner project for the Lower Valais.

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