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Aletsch Campus
Bahnhofstrasse 9c
CH-3904 Naters

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c/o Antenne Région Valais romand
Rue du Léman 19
CH-1920 Martigny

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The service organisation "valais4you"

Economic and population growth in Valais continues. The volume of investment in the region remains high. In cooperation with the companies Lonza, Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn, Bosch/Scintilla AG, the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences FFHS and the Hospital Centre Oberwallis, as well as with the "Verein Region Oberwallis", Valais Wallis Promotion and the Cantonal Office of Economy, Tourism and Innovation Valais, RW Oberwallis AG supports regional economic growth with the service company “valais4you”. The aim is to actively support the immigration of skilled workers, to continue building important framework conditions for living and working in Valais, and to share and value the traditions, as well as the changes in the region. Lower Valais is also experiencing significant economic growth, particularly in the field of service and industrial sectors, as well as in the field of information technology, life sciences and innovation. Based on the experience of valais4you, Antenne Région Valais romand (ARVr) is unfolding the project in partnership with the Municipalities and the companies situated in the French part of the Canton.